What We Do

We help legal service organizations use data to make better decisions. Our products and services are organized into three main areas:

Data Analysis for Strategic Decisions

Lawyers don’t need to become statisticians to thrive in the emerging data-driven economy. They just need to acquire the right set of tools. LawyerMetrix specializes in helping lawyers tap into the power of data. When this data is correctly leveraged, decisions can be made more efficiently and confidently.

and Insights

LawyerMetrix tracks trends and patterns affecting the legal marketplace. We share our results through published research and on-site presentations. In addition to serving an educational purpose, our industry-level research provides the foundation for our client-specific projects.

Human Capital Management

The greatest source of competitive advantage in the legal industry is better lawyers working together as a team. LawyerMetrix’ innovative uses of data deliver that competitive advantage. We specialize in Human Capital Management – a set of evidence-based systems to select, recruit, develop, retain, and promote top talent.