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diversity Diversity

Solving the Legal Profession’s Diversity Problem
Published February 2016

Diversity by the Numbers
Published July 2012


human Human Capital Strategy and Best Practices

Human Capital Accounting
Published September 2014

Supercharging Lawyer Development Through Feedback
Published June 2014

Successful Lawyer Skills and Behaviors
Published July 2013

Law Firm Strategies for Human Capital: Past, Present, Future
Published October 2012

Milbank’s Big Bet
Published May 2011

The Bursting of the Pedigree Bubble
Published July 2009

Are We Selling Results or Résumés?: The Underexplored Linkage Between Human Resource Strategies and Firm-Specific Capital
Published April 2008


industry-insights Industry Insights

Selected Readings for the National Meeting of Law Department Operations Executives
Published September 2015

Ahead of the Curve: Three Big Innovators in Big Law
Published August 2014

Is Axiom the Bellwether for Disruption in the Legal Industry?
Published December 2013

The Diamond Law Firm: A New Model or the Pyramid Unraveling?
Published December 2013

Is the Legal Profession Showing its Age?
Published October 2013


lateral Lateral Partner Market

The Most Prized Lateral of 2015 Wasn’t a Partner
Published February 2016

An Rx for Lateral Heartache
Published February 2015

Of Partners and Peacocks
Published February 2014

Playing Not to Lose
Published February 2013

An Empirical Analysis of Lateral Lawyer Trends from 2000 to 2007: The Emerging Equilibrium for Corporate Law Firms
Published February 2009


strategy Law Firm Strategy

The Elastic Tournament: The Second Transformation of the Big Law Firm
Published February 2016

Ten Questions to Ask About Your Firm’s Future
Published January 2016

Your Firm’s Place in the Legal Market
Published December 2015

How to Take Market Share
Published October 2015

What Ails the Large Law Firm? Will the Real FutureFirm Please Stand Up
Published April 2014

From Big Law to Lean Law
Published June 2013

More Complex than Greed
Published May 2012

The Client-Focused Lawyer
Published January 2011

An Empirical Study of Single-Tier Versus Two-Tier Partnerships in the Am Law 200
Published January 2006


education Legal Education

Does Cooperative Placement Accelerate Law Student Professional Development
Published October 2014

Is a Great Lawyer Born or Made?
Published April 2014

If We Make Legal Education More Experiential Would it Really Matter?
Published February 2014

What Every Law Student Needs to Excel as an Attorney: Introducing the Fromm Six
Published March 2013

A Blueprint for Change
Published February 2013

Question Authority: Law Students Have an Important Role to Play in the Future of Legal Education
Published January 2013

Why are we Afraid of the Future of Law? Technology is Changing the Legal Profession, so Why don’t Law Students Want to Hear That?
Published September 2012

The Inferiority Complex of Law Schools
Published March 2012

The Hard Business Problems Facing U.S. Law Faculty
Published October 2011

Why Hands-on Training is Not Enough
Published September 2011

Seduced by Legal Brands
Published September 2011

How the Rankings Arms Race has Undercut Morality
Published March 2011


change Structural Change

What the Jobs Are: New Tech, New Client Needs Create a New Field of Legal Operations
Published October 2015

Living Through a Paradigm Shift
Published August 2014

Letting Go of Old Ideas
Published April 2014

Who’s Eating Law Firms’ Lunch?
Published October 2013

Sea Change in the Legal Market
Published August 2013

Losing the Law Business
Published August 2013

Three Generations of U.S. Lawyers: Generalists, Specialists, Project Managers
Published May 2011

Has the Traditional Law Firm Reached its High Water Mark?
Published February 2011

Why the Job Market is Changing
Published November 2010

The Class of 2009: Recession or Restructuring?
Published July 2010


webinars Webinars

Market Analysis of the 200 Largest Law Firms: Part 2
Published February 24, 2016

Market Analysis of the 200 Largest Law Firms
Published November 17, 2015

Lateral Partner Hiring – July 2015
Published July 28, 2015

Survey Suite
Published July 14, 2015

Associate Hiring
Published June 23, 2015

Human Capital Management
Published June 9, 2015

Moneyball for Associates
Published March 3, 2015

Data Analytics for Strategy
Published January 13, 2015

Partnership Coaching
Published December 9, 2014

Belbin Teams
Published November 18, 2014

Call Back Interviews
Published October 28, 2014

Lateral Partner Hiring – September 2014
Published September 30, 2014

Engagement Surveys
Published August 26, 2014

20-Minute OCI Interview
Published July 22, 2014