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Access Group Expands Research Capabilities through Acquisition of Lawyer Metrics, LLC

Author(s): || December 18, 2015

Access Group Expands Research Capabilities through Acquisition of Lawyer Metrics, LLC

West Chester, PA, December 18, 2015 – Access Group, Inc. announced today that it has acquired the assets of Bloomington, IN-headquartered Lawyer Metrics, LLC. Lawyer Metrics employs legal market experts, statisticians, institutional/organizational psychologists and lawyers to solve challenging business problems using effective understanding and application of data. Its current products and services are focused on providing strategic data analysis, publishing research on relevant trends in the legal marketplace, and offering a suite of evidence-based systems to identify, recruit, develop and retain top-notch legal talent.Lawyer Metrics was co-founded by William D. Henderson, a professor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law who was named the “most influential person in legal...

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Henderson: Survey reveals signs of fundamental change in the legal profession

Author(s): Marilyn Odendahl, The Indiana Lawyer || December 2, 2015

The traditional career path for Indiana attorneys – graduate from law school, become an associate in a law firm, work long hours and eventually become a partner – appears to be broken, or at least cracked.A survey of the state’s legal community conducted by Indiana Lawyer in September revealed that attorneys in practice for 10 years or less are more likely than their older colleagues to be thinking about switching careers and less likely to encourage others to pursue a career in the law. Among respondents, those working in law firms report the highest level of regret about deciding to practice the law.“The least attractive place to work right...

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How to Take Market Share: Lessons for Law Firms

Author(s): William Henderson, The American Lawyer || November 11, 2015

U.S. law firms are locked in a fierce battle over market share. It is a new and unfamiliar dynamic that is causing you and other law firm leaders to worry whether your firm will be among the survivors. Thus you are looking for the best possible strategy and the requisite leadership skills to communicate that vision to your partnership.I am going to tell you about the greatest market share story in modern business history. Remarkably, the primary operating principles were revealed in advance of the miraculous feat. Then I’ll discuss those principles in the context of the U.S. law firm looking to take market share.Focus is about saying noThe most impressive market share story in modern times—and one...

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How law firms are innovating when it comes to hiring

Author(s): Phil Weiser, University of Colorado Law School Dean || July 15, 2015

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” then-Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said at the outset of the Obama Administration. And yet, for many organizations, inertial forces are very difficult to overcome and crises—like what the Great Recession meant for law firms—fail to inspire innovation. So it goes in the world of law firm hiring. The legacy model of law firm hiring, which has prevailed over the last several decades, involves screening applicants purely on grades and what schools they attended. The second screen, often conducted without regard to identified competencies that matter for clients or success, is “would I enjoy going out to lunch with...

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Christopher Zorn on ‘Moneyball’ Hiring

Author(s): Patience Haggin, The Recorder || July 13, 2015

In an age when every corner of the business world is jumping on the Big Data bandwagon, some law firms have started to use “Moneyball”-style analytics to get an edge in hiring. The Recorder sat down with Christopher Zorn, a founder and principal of Lawyer Metrics, to discuss how stats can inform law firm recruiting. Zorn is also a professor of political science at Pennsylvania State University.Is a metrics-based hiring strategy compatible with hiring a diverse set of people? Do you run the risk of replicating the demographic profiles that have dominated previous generations of the firm?This is a really fair question. In fact, it’s a very important question....

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A Hire Power

Author(s): David Donovan, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly || May 4, 2015

Spend any time talking to people who work in the field of “people analytics” about what they do, and before long someone is bound to reference Michael Lewis’ book “Moneyball.” The book chronicles the story of a baseball team that managed to sign division-winning baseball players on a shoestring budget by leveraging insights gleaned from data analysis.People analytics is an emerging industry populated by companies that think they can do something similar for traditional businesses—harness the power of big data in order to make more efficient hiring decisions. Thus far, people analytics has mostly been embraced by companies that hire in bulk to staff big operations such as call...

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